What’s it like to live in a refugee camp?

We’ve all seen the images. People desperately waiting for help outside in the blazing sun in front of rows of white tents. A child behind barbed wire, covered in dust, gazes into the lens of a news camera. This is true for many thousands of refugees.

But that’s just part of the story. Camp Domiz is a Syrian refugee camp in northern Iraq where many Kurdish-Syrian refugees have sought shelter.

As the number of refugees grew, the camp gradually transformed from a temporary refuge to a makeshift town, where people live and work, go to school, start a business, get married, argue and try to have fun….otherwise how would you get up each day and keep going?

This award winning interactive documentary allows you to scroll through hand-drawn maps, drawings, photographs, and short video impressions of life in a refugee camp.

As I moved around different parts of the map and listened to some of the stories I couldn’t help thinking about my very comfortable life and the fact that I was sitting in my very comfortable study with all I needed to hand.

It is a reminder that refugees don’t just spend months – they can spend years or even decades in a refugee camp hoping for re-settlement.

I recommend you take a look at this impressive documentary and imagine how different your life would be in a refugee camp.