The Seven Ages of Woman

My friend at Radio National Australia, Susan Maushart, has produced a wonderful new series called The Seven Ages of Woman.   Some of you might remember ‘the seven ages of man’ speech from Shakespeare’s As You Like It which is among the most celebrated passages in English literature. Susan decided it needed a fresh approach – from a woman’s perspective!

Her series of the stories is about seven Australian girls and women, each poised at a critical moment in her life journey. From child to senior and from different cultural backgrounds and experiences they each reveal what it’s like to be female – right at this moment.

Susan and I re-connected after she read my book. She realised that to have a truly representative group of Australian women in her series, there needed to be at least one woman from a refugee background included. She asked me who I knew and I took her to meet the team at the Edmund Rice Centre WA where I spend a lot of time as a Board member and supporter. Like me, Susan was impressed by the grass roots work being done at the Centre. It was there that Susan met Bella.

Bella is a young woman in her twenties with a refugee background who works at the Edmund Rice Centre. She inspires all women every day through her work and life. I love spending time with her.  And you will too as you listen to Bella’s story in the Seven Ages of Woman.