Finding their voice

What a pleasure it was to be asked to be part of the public speaking program for young people from a refugee and migrant background with the Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network (MYAN) and the Youth Affairs Council of WA (YACWA).

MYAN WA has introduced a program called Shout Out which aims to promote the voices of young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds. The program offered a wonderful opportunity for people to boost their confidence and improve their skills. Shout Out was run over a number of weekends and involved a range of trainers and mentors lending their expertise. I spent half a day helping these fabulous young people develop their personal stories and public speaking skills.

Every participant has an amazing story that will inspire people. They all presented those stories in polished three minute presentations last week with the aid of Rostrum WA. I couldn’t believe how much they had all improved and grown in confidence as they shared special stories and experiences. It was such a wonderful program and I feel very privileged to have been involved.

MYAN is currently developing a list of available speakers who could be invited to your next event or forum. Isn’t that terrific?  I’ll let you know when it can be accessed.

There are more photos from the final event in the Gallery.

MYAN group 2016
Participants in the MYAN 2016 Shout Out program