Refugee Week 2016

The theme of this year’s Refugee Week celebrations on 19-25 June is “with courage let us all combine” which is taken from the second verse of our national anthem Advance Australia Fair. 

Refugee Week is time that we celebrate the vital contribution and wonderful diversity that refugees bring to Australia. It is also a time when we think about the courage and resilience of all refugees, as well as all those who speak out against persecution and injustice around the world.

World Refugee Day is held every year on 20 June as part of the week and the UNHCR reminds us there are more than 60 million refugees around the world, half of whom are women and children.

The Refugee Council of Australia says: “The week is a call for unity and action for a fairer society. The Refugee Week theme encourages Australians to celebrate the best aspects of our nation’s welcome of refugees, frankly acknowledge unjust treatment of asylum seekers and refugees, and commit to working together to ensure that we do better.”

I’m particularly pleased that the national posters (see below) for this year’s Refugee Week features the Butler Falcons, an all-women’s multicultural AFL team organised through the Edmund Rice Centre here in WA.

For more information about Refugee Week, there’s a dedicated website which includes bulletins, posters and events. I’ll also keep you updated about news and events during Refugee Week here on this website.

refugee week 2016 poster