Latest reviews

I’m very pleased to see some good reviews emerging for More the story – conversations with refugees. The latest one is from Steven Carroll from the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age and Canberra Times:

“This collection of refugee’s tales goes behind the headlines and policy debates to put a human face to the issue that has divided the country for years. Among those Sayer interviewed is Paul, one of many Karen people from Burma who fled the country because pro-democracy protesters were being shot by government forces. Paul narrowly missing a massacre. And John, who left Afghanistan because the Taliban were cleansing the country of the Hazara people and he would have been shot or dismembered had he not taken a leaky boat to Australia, where he is now a community leader. One of his sons plays for Cambridge United in the UK second-division. There are many stories of tragedy and triumph here that the country might hear one day above the sloganising.”

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